Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Highland Mist

Haven't written in far too long. "Blithe" would somewhat describe my attitude towards the subject over the past few months. However, I just had a transitory moment...and it all started by seeing the highland mist of Scotland. 
                  (Image from Google)

When mist caps off the mountains,
And tides put out to sea;
When aye a laugh will echo down
The craggy clefts to me...

Then he'll come a'running
A firebrand in 'is hand,
An' all the village 'ill see 'im 
The Scourge of En'my land.

A man of boar and barrel,
Brave an' broad as brim,
An' all the village a'watchin' 
Watchin' now for 'im.

The days crawl on to nightfall, 
An' night folds into morn,
So I go on a'livin,
Though my bones be worn.

U'til that far off moment 
When the hills 'ill feel 'is stride,
I'll wait forever faithful,
'is Bonnie Lass and Bride.